Normally the award is given to an individual or a small group, but the award can also be received in the name of a company or a research facility.

Coperrnicus Masters

Until the deadline expires you can safe your information in the database and change them at any time. Choose additionally a special award, which you will apply for at the same time.

Your proposal will be judged by the BW jury. The team of experts gets all proposals without any personal details, which guarantees an equal opportunity for everyone. Moreover, members of the jury signed a non-disclosure-agreement in advance in order to make sure that they do not leak your idea.
As a participant of this state, you especially benefit from the services that are specifically tailored for you. Those services include support with the grant of a patent, marketing and financing through funds.

Please submit your idea here:

Remember the patent registration

The data and information you entered are protected against the unauthorized access by third parties. The analysis of the submitted proposals is being overseen by entrusted people and experts that has agreed to highly sensitive handling. Only at the award ceremony, the award-winning proposal will be published after being consulted with.

In this case we recommend patent protection all legal claims lapse after the publication. You will receive support from the IHK (Industrie Handels kammer) This offer does not only apply to the winner but also to all other participants.

Despite all the efforts to treat all submitted ideas confidentially, the organizer of the Copernicus Masters does not take on any responsibility if there occurs any damage caused by accidental disclosure of parts of the idea.


  • 13th July 2022:
    Registration deadline for Copernicus Masters. Your can register here:
  • 2nd September 2022:
    Regional jury meeting, propably in Stuttgart
  • 10th October 2022:
    International jury meeting Copernicus Masters in Frascati
  • November 2022:
    Space Event, International Award Ceremony, propably in Prag, Czech Republic
  • December 2022:
    Regional International Award Ceremony of the Copernicus Masters Baden-Württemberg Challenge 2022, propably in Stuttgart

Whoever dares, wins!

As a participant of the idea’s competition, you will have a chance to win a bunch of pleasing awards. Above all, the cash prize for the particular international overall victory and one of eight incubation prizes.

At the national level:

Winner -> 1,000 €

Second place -> 400€

Third place ->  200 €

Beside that, we are also awarding special prizes this year. For promising submissions we award a so-called Expert Dinner, where you can meet with an expert for lunch to get valuable expertise and feedback on your project.

Participation is worthwhile in any case!

Who the experts are, we will appear here shortly.

Hall of Fame