Green Space Startup Summit with Award Ceremony of Galileo & Copernicus Masters

20211203_PM_Green Space Startup Summit and Award Ceremony.pdf (133.5 KiB)

Michael Donth MdB visit the ESA BIC BW

PM 22 Besuch ESA-Aussenstelle Reutlingen_.pdf (130.7 KiB)

ESA BIC receives funding to build up further management capacity

20210419_PM_ESA-BIC_Accelerator.pdf (449.6 KiB)

ESA BIC startup Vioonic goes live with the product Viodax

20210329_PM_ESA-BIC_VIOONIC_v1.0.pdf (385.9 KiB)

Environment protection through Space exploration

20210309_PM_ESA-BIC_Umwelttechnik_v1.0.pdf (253.4 KiB)