Winners awarded

Linkes Bild: Prof. Dr. Coors, Jurymitglied mit Preisträger Karl-Kiên Cao.

Yesterday, we awarded our this year's winner from the Galileo & Copernicus Masters Baden-Württemberg Challenge 2021.

At the Galileo Masters, first place went to the startup SAM-DIMENSION led by Dr. Robin Mink's team from Stuttgart. The company is developing a drone camera system to map weeds in their early growth stages and an AI weed scouting tool to distinguish weeds from other crops. Seedlings thus remain uncontaminated and herbicides are minimized through targeted weed control application.

First place in the Copernicus Masters went to Karl-Kiên Cao with the  project SciNRGY. SciNRGY stands for a data platform for environmental-social governance assessments for investment decisions. In the future, it will use deep-learning algorithms to calculate the exact locations and capacities of green power producers from satellite images and make analyses about companies with production sites and their access to own power generation possibilities.

Picture: Prof. Dr. Coors mit Preisträger Karl-Kiên Cao.

Picture-Source: Pressefoto Markus Ulmer