Schwabenländle meets International - exotic projects 2017

If you think that this year's ESNC-BW Challenge had only participants from the Ländle, you are wrong. We had 2 international entries this year, from Taiwan and Iraq.
We would like to briefly introduce these contributions here:
1. Providing real-time information of the cause of progressive El Nino and La Nina - from Taiwan.
This paper was submitted by a group of researchers from National Famosa University in Taiwan from the Experimental Physics research area, and offers a solution to predict the non-cyclical trade winds El Nino and La Nina. These weather phenomena occur irregularly in the Pacific Ocean region over a period of 2 to 11 years, and cause serious regional consequences (heavy rainfall, marine and plant species extinction) and impact the global climate. Until now, it has been difficult to predict these winds. The research group from Taiwan has developed a potentiometer, with which a prediction is now possible in real time.
2. High definition mapping using Synthetic Aperture Radar on UAV - from Iraq
This paper is from Iraq and deals with high precision maps that will be essential for autonomous driving. Drones equipped with new sophisticated sensors will survey landscapes and create a more precise map by accurately positioning the environment.