GNSS control point at the Schloss Hohentübingen

How accurately is one's own location displayed via smartphone or navigation device? In the future, this can be tested in front of the inner castle portal of the Schloss Hohentübingen . Yesterday, a GNSS checkpoint was inaugurated there that can be used to measure how accurately navigation devices, smartphones and smartwatches can determine one's location. The checkpoint was inaugurated by Boris Palmer, the mayor of Tübingen, and Luz Berendt, the president of the State Office for Geoinformation and Land Development. The important and often unexpected significance of satellite navigation for our everyday lives was emphasized.

The Tübingen Castle was not chosen at random - the control point is located only a short distance from the tower room in which the astronomer Johann Gottlieb Friedrich von Bohnberger established the Tübinger Schlossturm as the zero point of the Baden-Württemberg state survey in 1818. There are now 30 GNSS control points in Baden-Württemberg.