Decision made

The ESNC goes into the next round. The jury has selected 5 finalists who are invited for a short presentation on next Tuesday. Who will end up on the podium is completely open. This year, the contributions of the finalists are thematically very far apart, so that an objective comparison is hardly possible. The only thing they have in common is the innovative use of satellite navigation.

For the finalists, this means that it all depends on your performance and persuasiveness. All startups which participated in the ESNC-Baden-Württemberg Challenge 2017 and want to push their project further can register for DLR's INNOspace Weekend from 15th-17th September 2017. At this workshop, participants will develop innovative business ideas in small groups, which they will be allowed to present to a jury of experts. The teams will be accompanied by a mentor who will provide important tips on how to create a business plan, and assist participants with expertise and advice. Great prizes and potential business partners round off the offer.