Galileo Masters - 10th round for BW

Satellite navigation in Baden-Württemberg and Poland will be the topic of the two kick-offs for the ESNC-Baden-Württemberg Challenge 2016:
- On 20th June 2016 at the TTR in Reutlingen
- On 21th June 2016 at Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH
In recent years, Poland has always been one of the countries with the most entries in the ESNC. Creative startups characterize the IT scene in Poland around the technical universities. A collar for the house cat to track its nocturnal wanderings is one of these projects that resulted in entrepreneurial success. Dr. Krzysztof Kanawka will report on it at the kick-offs. And: The winner of this year's ESNC-Baden-Württemberg-Challenge special prize can get a first-hand impression of the IT scene in Poland.
In addition, Baden-Württemberg's 10th participation in the ESNC will offer prizes: 1,000 E, a rent-free office and a video clip for the regional winner. However, there is another novelty: For the first time, the award ceremony will not take place in Germany, but in Madrid.
Poland or Madrid: The main thing is success thanks to international networking - olé.