© IHK Reutlingen
© IHK Reutlingen

SwarmLogistics GmbH

In the selection round on November 12, 2019, the Suttgarter start-up SwarmLogistics GmbH successfully managed to be admitted to the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg. The company offers logistics companies a technical solution to avoid empty journeys and to make optimal use of the loading area of the trucks. Using algorithms, they connect the vehicle fleets of a company with each other and thus achieve the optimum utilization of their capacities for their customers.

© IHK Reutlingen
© IHK Reutlingen

AridGreen Technologies Gbr

The start-up AridGreen Technologies of founder Dr. Avdesh Chaudhary is also included. The company uses artificial light conditions originally developed for space to create optimal conditions for plant growth. Due to special light wavelengths, the plants can also grow in the dark. An AI-based algorithm also shows the user what needs the plant has, e.g. the supply of fertilizer light or irrigation.

© vioonic
© vioonic

Vioonic GmbH

The start-up Vioonic from Reutlingen was admitted to the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg in Reutlingen on 18 March 2020. The young entrepreneur Barry Fogarty is developing an encrypted real-time communication service for the exchange of confidential information, especially in the medical field. The application is also equipped with a location capability, so that it can be tracked when and where the user received and viewed the information.

© Blackpin
© Blackpin

Blackpin GmbH

The start-up Blackpin GmbH has been Incubatee at the ESA BIC location in Reutlingen since May 2020. The Aalen-based company is developing an encrypted messenger app with integrated location function, which allows information to be sent in a data-protected manner. The app is primarily intended for the business sector, where the encrypted transmission of information is essential.

AR Experts GmbH

The company AR Experts GmbH was also successfully incorporated on 18 March 2020. The start-up realizes augmented reality solutions for companies to be able to map processes and work steps on production machines with smart devices. This allows employees to have digital access to the required information about the work process on site and allows them to store company knowledge in a decentralised manner. Employee training and further education measures can also be carried out easily and easily on the smart devices.

© ConstellR
© ConstellR


Since 15 June 2020, the startup ConstellR has been part of ESA BIC at the site in Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg. The company visualizes high-resolution temperature data based on existing satellite images and computer simulations. Remote sensing data in thermal infrared (TIR) makes an important contribution to agricultural information management. The estimation of evapotranspiration, which is possible by TIR observations, describes the loss of water to the atmosphere. It is composed of evaporation, which indicates the moisture content of the upper soil layers, and the transpiration of plants, which is closely related to the water content in the deeper root layer.

DeepCare GmbH

The startup DeepCare GmbH from Stuttgart has been part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since February 5, 2021. At the Reutlingen site, the company led by Dr. Milad Geravand and Simon Fiechtner is developing a digital health assistant that ensures that the user is in the right sitting position and moves regularly in the office or home office. Using a lidar sensor, the upper body of the user is displayed on a small screen and the 3D depth information is analyzed using artificial intelligence to derive optimal recommendations for action.


WoodKrew has also been part of ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since 16 February 2021. Also at the Reutlingen site, the startup is developing an application in the field of forest monitoring to give forest owners precise statements about the nature and condition of their forests. By means of an offshell antenna, the predictions can be made centimetre-accurate, even if there is no reception through the leaf cover.

Black Engine Aerospace GmbH

Since 15 February 2021, Black Engine Aerospace has also been part of ESA BIC in Baden-Württemberg. The company around the two founders Markus Ortelt and Oliver Durst dive deep into space development – with the development of a new rocket propulsion using ceramic composites, they make rocket engines cheaper, safer and more fatigue-resistant. They also focus on sustainability, because the engines should be reusable.


The startup Waldstolz is part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since July 15, 2021. The two founders Fabian Popp and Tobias Jäger are developing a platform to protect local forests from pests. Using satellite data, predictions are made for agriculture as to which trees in the forest are infested and therefore need to be cut down.

Sentrisense GmbH

The startup Sentrisense GmbH around founder Sebastian Cerone has been part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg at the Reutlingen site since August 3, 2021. The startup develops a small smart device that can be attached to power lines with an eyelet to measure their effectiveness and condition as well as to locate possible damage caused by storms or fires.

Medicalvalues GmbH

The startup medicalvalues from Karlsruhe is part of the ESA BIC in Reutlingen from the 8th September 2021 on. During their incubation time the founders are working on their AI-software for medical diagnosis. The software tool gives doctors the possibility to get support in making diagnosis for patients which includes weather data and habitat conditions by introducing and analysing satellite data.

Klaus Space Transportation GmbH

The startup founded by Sebastian Klaus is part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since 20th October 2021. The vision is to offer 24/7 space access at minimum cost and maximum environmental protection. The team develops a parachute which makes it possible for launch provider to reuse their rockets by bringing the rocket stages in a safety way back to earth. This system is enabled by an easy to use plug & play system. For the futur the startup plan to offer the service of a complete package of cargo transport into and from space.


The startup Tools4Vision presented their idea successfully at the Tender Evaluation Board on the 14th September 2021. The team around Peter Fausel develops a software for divers, called "Divery", which makes the whole diving process easier and more efficient. Onboarding in diving schools, booking and planning trips as well as cashless paying is possible with this new application. Additonally, the app gives information about weather forecast which is important for divers when planning a dive trip. These informations came from the "Copernicus Marine Service" and can be interpreted from divers when planning to see specific fishes or reefs which are only visible in certain weather conditions.

SamDimension UG

The startup SamDimension UG is part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since 23rd November 2021. The team around Dr. Robin Mink offers a drone camera system for early-growth-stage weed mapping and an AI-weed scouting tool - a Tailormade Weeding Technology (TWEET). With targeted weeding control mechanisms, it is possible to selectively control certain weed (populations) whereby crops are left uncontaminated and the actual amount of herbicides released into the environment is minimized.

boltzplatz - numerical plasma dynamics

The startup boltzplatz is part of the ESA BIC network since 30th November 2021. The team offers an innovative service based on computer-aided simulations for SMEs and development and simulation departments of large companies. The service includes the handling of projects starting with the problem definition up to the presentation of concrete recommendations for action. Therefore, they are working with the open-source software PICLas which was developed by them at the University of Stuttgart, with which rarefied plasma flows under the influence of electromagnetic fields can be simulated on the computer. With this solution, many production processes in high-tech industries, especially the thin-film technology and semiconductor manufacturing can be simulated before testing.

Prof. Dr. H.P. Zenner GmbH

Since 13th December 2021, the startup led by Professor Zenner, a physician from Tübingen, has been part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg. The team is developing a digital therapeutic training software, called VertiDisan, with which astronauts can train the prevention of the common disease Space Motion Sickness. This space sickness affects the vestibular organs of humans and causes nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, cold sweats and drowsiness.

Horizon Microtechnologies GmbH

The startup from Dr. Andreas Frölich is part of the ESA BIC at the site in Reutlingen since 15th December 2021. They enable precise engineering and high-mix / low volume manufacturing of challenging parts on the microscale using the design freedom of additive manufacturing.


Oceanergy AG

Since the 19th January 2022, Oceanergy AG is part of the ESA BIC at the site in Reutlingen. The startup develops a kite gas and fuel ship which allows the production of green hydrogen from wind power while shipping. The ship consists of a kite control system enabling efficient kite flight and wind harvesting and an industrized-sized, high load RES kite which is attached to the ship. The kite traction power is transformed by generators and hydrokinetic turbines into green electricity, converted by seawater-electrolysis into hydrogen and stored on board, until the delivery to the harbour terminal.

vreed GmbH

The company vreed from the two founders Thomas Wolter-Roessler and Jan Witkovsky was accepted in the last selection round and has been part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg since May 11, 2022. The Stuttgart-based company uses lidar technology to create digital twins of buildings and infrastructure and, in the future, of entire cities.

Leagues GmbH

The Stuttgart-based startup Leagues GmbH led by Markus Kleber is concerned with security in football stadiums. The already existing app for second- and third-division soccer matches is being expanded in incubation to include a comprehensive security concept so that visitor flows can be better managed and crowds can be avoided.

Mavuno Technologies GmbH

As of 18th July 2022, the startup Mavuno Technologies is part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg. The three brothers offer farmers in Africa a mobile way to manage their fields more effectively. This includes providing crop protection products with a pre-financing offer. Predictions about the condition of the fields and recommendations for precise cultivation are made using satellite data.

Helios Avionics GmbH

Helios Avionics aims to provide all private pilots with a simple, safe, and fun flying experience by providing an affordable, intuitive, and fully functional glass cockpit, which is based on a variety of sensors. The glascockpit is based on data of four sensors, including GNSS, accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope. By fusing this sensor data, the common features and visualizations can be used directly on own tablet or smartphone.

Covadonga GmbH

Since 1 September 2022, the Startup Covadonga GmbH from Baden-Baden is part of the ESA BIC Baden-Württemberg, at the site in Reutlingen. The startup deals with ship navigation, which is often disrupted by light pollution, energy conservation and resulting reduction of guidance systems, as well as spoofing or jamming attacks. By using sensors on the coasts, which are coupled with the ship's radar, a precise and robust maritime navigation is created.