Green Späce Challenge

The idea competition "Green Space Challenge" starts before the start-up phase and thus positions itself in the area of "Business Development". The competition is aimed at students at universities in Baden-Württemberg who are interested in entrepreneurial activities and want to learn more about developing their own business ideas.

Due to the thematic focus on sustainability and resource conservation, coupled with space technology such as satellite data, young people in particular are the target group, as they are very sensitized to the topic and are currently involved in numerous initiatives for more climate and environmental protection. Being able to get involved themselves with their own business models and exert an influence on development is an incentive that is stimulated in the process. The combination of the rather soft component "environment" with future technologies such as satellite data represents a sensible and purposeful dovetailing that radiates attractiveness and is forward-looking.

By focusing on idea generation, young people learn not only how to use satellite data and its benefits, but also how to identify new business areas and develop suitable business models from them. Identifying trends, innovations and developing markets is the starting point. In the development of own ideas, the focus is on criteria that further structure the business idea. These are, for example, the assessment and research of marketing opportunities and sales markets, the business analysis of customers and competitors, considerations of market access and the drafting of business plans and revenue models.

Various methods are used in generating ideas, which are taught to the students. These are, for example, the SWOT analysis, market analysis or business model canvas, with which groups work out and develop an idea together in a team.