What do I have to pay attention to when filling out the application documents?

The ESA BIC is an accelerator set up from ESA and DLR. The purpose is to make space technology commercialized. Therefore the most important part of the application is to make sure that you have a strong space connection in your business project. Either you already use space technology or you plan to use it to further develop you idea. If you are planning to introduce space technology in your project we are pleased to support you on business development. On our Homepage we have listed up examples of space technology which can be used as an inspiration. Beside the space connection we also value the Team, Value Proposition and the Market Strategy.

Which reference number should I use in the application documents?

You can come up with your own reference. Please make sure that you use the same one in all necessary application documents.

For what purpose can I spend the funding?

The funding of 50k should be used especially for development costs from third parties support. There are some small differences between the ESA part and the local part of the funding, especially regarding IPR, market research and marketing costs. More details you can find in our supporting documents. If you plan to use the funding in different approaches we recommend to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. We now that not every case is the same, therefore it is always good to talk about the way to go.

What’s the programme outline?

Beside the cash funding of 50k you will get business and financial support through our partner network. When you apply to the ESA BIC you make your own schedule for your incubation time and we are pleased to ensure you support on this way. Our partner network can be seen on the homepage but through personal discussion we can figure out your specific needs.

Do I need to have already registered as a company when I apply to ESA BIC?

No. For the application phase it is enough to apply as natural person. Before you sign the incubation contract it is necessary to register a company in Baden-Württemberg. We recommend to deal with the registration process early so that the gap between the application and the start of the incubation does not become too large.

What happened after I applied?

You can submit your application documents to three deadlines per year which will be published on our homepage. After submission, the ESA BIC management check the documents formally. If they are complete and have enough substance to perform in front of the jury, we will invite you to the Tender Evaluation Board (TEB). There, you present your idea within 15 minutes with a following question round of 15 minutes. Afterwards, the jury discuss your proposal and decide if you can be incubated. You will get feedback from the ESA BIC management within 2 weeks.  

What is the composition of the jury? What do I have to pay attention to during my presentation?

The so called Tender Evaluation Board (TEB) consists of representatives of ESA, DLR and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Reutlingen. These members are entitled to vote. In addition, experts from the fields of Space Solutions, Financing and Business Development also participate and have an advisory role. Even if the jury has a wide range of expertise, make sure you don't go too in-depth in the technological aspects. Focus on the most important aspects of your technology and make sure it is understandable. If the jury wants to know more, they will ask.

Is it necessary that I move physically to one of the two sides of the ESA BIC BW?

In our vision, the ESA BIC incubator is more than just a place to work. In case you don’t need an office in one of the ESA BIC sites we highly encourage you to participate in our events which are tailored to the needs of the startups. There are between 8 and 10 events per year. The ESA BIC is a centre to meet other entrepreneurs and partners. We believe in face-to-face contact and want to further the exchange between the incubatees and alumni.

Status: April 2024