Green Space Startups

ESA BIC Startups from Baden-Württemberg and other ESA BICs are active in the areas of sustainability and environmental protection. They can be classified into five categories. As the application areas for space technology are growing, so are the opportunities for startups.
In order to benefit from each other, we strive for close networking.

As part of this, the first exhibition was held at the Haus der Wirtscchaft in Stuttgart on December 2, 2021.
A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Green Space Awards.


THE LÄND with Green Späce

Willkommen to THE LÄND to all participants. The Green Space Startups are divided into five categories. All startups from the ESA BIC network are free to join as exhibitors. Virtual allocation is possible as well as presence in Stuttgart. About 12 to 15 places are available and expected to be filled. Give us your mission on Green Space and join us.

Ägriculture and Forestry

Agriculture and Forestry can benefit from space solutions: precision farming needs precise positioning through Galileo, GPS and co. Just digging and fertilizing, where it is needed, helps the environment a lot. Further, new kinds of food crops, including new ways of sensor based plant treatment, are beeing developed while planning deep space longtime missions. Last but certainly not least is the challenge to beat the nasty bark beetles habit of destroying our forest trees.














SAM-DIMENSION (present in Stuttgart)

We provide drone-based weed mapping that helps you to identify upcoming weed problems and enable your sprayer to apply the herbicide exactly where it’s needed. That leads to unprecedented performance and effectiveness, saving up to 70% herbicides.






Environmentäl Observätions
Ecologicäl and Sociäl Responsibilities
Efficiency of New Späce

Bringing tourists into space is not particular eco-friendly. But engineering skills which help New Space missions gain efficiency - that makes sense. Further there is a need for the Swabian Kehrwoche in order to clean up the more and more polluted orbits in space. 










New Mobility and Tränsportätion

Autonomous and shared driving are the thrilling challenges for mobility in the 21st century, far more than electrification. Empty cars and empty lorries are using infrastructure and resources more than necessary. We need more intelligence - swarm intelligence. And: The 3rd dimension of individual mobility is just beginning. Keep your seatbelt fastened: There is a lot to do for space solution driven startups.












Success stories

  • The Green Space Investor Award was given to Xylene, a startup led by Christopher Edwards and Giuseppe Benenati from Reutlingen.
  • The startup Klaus Space Transportation led by Sebastian Klaus from Baden-Baden received the Green Space Audiance Award.


Join us! Make New Space to Green Space.