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Lux Flux

The Reutlingen-based company LuxFlux GmbH and the Konstanz-based vaireco GmbH were the first start-ups at ESA BIC’s Reutlingen and Friedrichshafen locations in Baden-Württemberg. No less than a month passed between submission on the reporting date and signing the contract for admission at an ESA BIC location for both inaugurations.

The two LuxFlux Founder Marc Henzler and Dr. Jan Makowski (from left to right), analyse the particulate matter in our cities from space. The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring System (CAMS) combined with ESA’s Sentinel satellites is used for this purpose. The aim is that the particulate matter exposure can be determined not only at the measuring points on the ground, but at any location. “For Baden-Württemberg in particular, our fine dust map will provide added value. This is the only way to achieve comprehensive coverage”, said Dr. Jan Makowski and Marc Henzler, LuxFlux company founders.

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Dr. Wolfgang Herbst, co-founder of vaireco, briefly presented his company project at the ESA BIC Auftakt. Heat losses in large buildings or faults in photovoltaic systems will be recorded much more efficiently in the future. Supported by Airbus Defence and Space from ESA BIC in Friedrichshafen / Immenstaad will develop the start-up vaireco an innovative inspection system for this purpose. The company relies on a new generation of thermal imaging cameras and drone technology as well as pinpoint localization via satellite navigation. “In addition to a significant reduction in the inspection effort, this also enables large-scale analyses that were previously unthinkable”, says company founder Dr. Wolfgang Herbst. Source: Niethammer

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ARtist UG

Angela Warnecke, co-founder of ARtist UG (limited liability), was selected to join the ESA BIC at the second tender evaluation board on 14 June 2018. At the Reutlingen location, the three founders of the newly developed company are now developing a smart tool for creating virtual art. Artists can now digitally create Augmented Reality (AR) works of art and place them in public space. The artworks can be discovered and expanded by the community. Source: Weber

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At the tender evaluation board on 24 May 2019, the start-up PriLogiX GmbH was admitted to the ESA BIC in Reutlingen. The young company has set itself the task of simplifying the logistics for heavy goods transport. By means of their own software and integrated satellite images, it will be easier for logistics companies to deliver the goods undamaged and in the easiest way to the customer in the future.

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At the tender evaluation board on 12 November 2019, the start-up yuri GmbH was admitted to the ESA BIC in Reutlingen. Christian Bruderrek’s team offers a service for upcoming space missions where microgravity is a complicated factor. The yuri solution makes it easier for companies to plan and execute their space missions more cost-effectively, faster and more efficiently.

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Troodle Mobility Solution

The start-upTroodle Mobility Solution GmbH of founder Bernd Sailer has been admitted to the second Tender Evaluation Board at the Reutlingen location. "Low cost ride sharing in real time!“ is the declared goal of the founder, who wants to establish a reliable and ecological mobility solution together with local authorities. Source: Weber

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The start-up VCSwipe UG (limited liability) was accepted at the third tender evaluation board on November 8, 2018. VC stands for Venture Capital and already hints at what the two founders Lukas Kmoth and Adrian Pirija are up to. Its mobile financing platform aims to simplify collaboration between investors and startups. They finished their incubation time at the end of 2020.